Hotspot Shield Elite 12.1.2 Crack Full Version Free Download [2023]

Hotspot Shield Elite 12.1.2 Crack Activator Free Download

Hotspot Shield Elite 12.1.2 crack is a viral tool, almost all of us are familiar with its name. We use it on our PC’s as a solution to privacy and internet security. But there are several other aspects of this software that we are not knowledgeable of as safety is not the only function we for which it could be used. Other than being versatile internet security software and a privacy solution, Hotspot Shield protects your system from thousands of online threats.

What is Hotspot Shield?

HSS Elite is an excellent option to use when you are using an unsecured network where there is a massive chance of vulnerabilities. It is an impenetrable tunnel that prevents your system from snoopers, hackers, and Internet Service Providers from beholding on your web browsing actions. Furthermore, it keeps your credit card information, instant messages and downloads history private. Everything you do on the internet remains secret.

Hotspot Shield Elite Crack is a free VPN it provides a secure IP address, and you can change the location of your PC or the laptop. The services of this are limited, but after cracking it, you can use full version VPN. You can check it briefly by reviewing its site, and this will give you the bright idea of it’s working then you should download this software. As well as This is offered for free, and a large number of people has downloaded this software for the convenience and excellent services. This shield released in for the first time then the full service introduced and named it hotspot shield.

Alternative VPN:

Sometimes you are unable to install Hotspot Shield Elite due to system requirements or Software compatibility. For a solution of this problem is Connectify Hotspot Pro. This is an Alternative VPN which provides same functionality and services like Hotspot Shield Elite.

Key features of Hotspot Shield Crack

  • It is the best VPN; its use is fast and perfects that’s why It has more than 500 million users.
  • You can choice IP address random counties, but most people use IP for US.
  • The browser extension is for the continuation of the number of available servers.
  • Hotspot Shield Elite Crack has an interesting feature in it which is named with lifetime subscription.
  • It configures itself and connects quickly to an anonymous proxy server.
  • Protect your business from cyber attacks with Hotspot Shield
  • It also gives you a lifetime subscription.
  • It also secures your Internet communications wherever you are.
  • There is only one inconvenience which is supported by advertising it.

Other Specifications:

  • In case you are at school or work where internet browsing is prohibited and need to access YouTube or Facebook; you can use Hotspot Shield to unblock them. Other than these two websites, thousands of other sites can be reached using Hotspot Shield.
  • It provides a complete shield to your IP address. Any unwanted source or hacker won’t be capable of tracking your IP address so you can enjoy all the secret browsing along with preventing your system from spammers.
  • This tool creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the servers which leads to surfing the internet being anonymous. Even if someone hacks your system, they won’t be able to know your activity.
  • It is a fantastic software to be used when you are using the internet at a public place like any hotel, airport or a corporate office. There are at least to almost no chances of getting hacked.
  • This software offers HTTPS encryption with the help of which all your data, personal information and browser history is well protected. The priority must be to avoid sharing your details on the network. But in case you have to share info while shopping online then Hotspot Shield secures your credit card’s information.
  • There is no way intruders can monitor or mess with your browsing.
  • Users from various parts of the world can use it without any language barrier as it is multilingual.

Latest version

Many versions of the software have been released, but the latest one comes with a more significant improvement. It shields your machine from malware attacks. We all know that malware can do a lot of damage to our Personal Computer, so this is going to be the most favorite thing for the users.

System compatibility

Hotspot Shield is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

How to Register Hotspot Shield Elite VPN ?

#1 – Install “HSS-6.5.1-install-has-805-ext.exe” provided (Important) [After installation makes sure hotspot shield isn’t Running “Close/exit from system tray if running.”

#2 – After that > Run hotspot shield “patch.exe” > “as administrator” (Really important) [Wait for the patch to say “done! start hotspot shield.”

#3- After that Install the update “HSS–nodrv-update.exe” [in-case you have already hotspot shield installed on your computer apply update then.


Almost all users in the whole world can use this application with all its specifications, and this can be more comfortable and reliable for them. This is good VPN overall. Many online tools don’t secure their server communication. With Hotspot Shield it’ll become a perfect cloud solution.

Instructions for cracking Hotspot Shield Elite VPN edition:

How to Crack?

  1. First of all, Remove old version of Hotspot shield “Important.”
  2. Now Install Hotspot Shield elite VPN trial.exe
  3. Install “Hotspot Shield Crack.exe”
  4. Turn off the internet
  5. Run HSS.exe (patch) as administrator
  6. Install Hotspot Shield Trial Setup (.exe)
  7. After Installation Run Update.exe (As Administrator) wait until hotspot shield popups up in the taskbar. After that Disconnect Hotspot Shield and Quit / Close it from the toolbar.
  8. (Important) Run > Hotspot Shield 6.X.X (As Administrator)
  9. Click Patch “Button” After that click “Elite” button waits for registry update.
  10. That’s it! Enjoy Cracked Elite Hotspot Shield 7 Full Version for Free

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